Filling paths

After you finish drawing a path, you can convert it to a selection outline — as described in the upcoming "Converting paths to selections" section — or you can paint it. You can paint the interior of the path by choosing the Fill Path command from the Paths palette menu, or you can paint the outline of the path by choosing Stroke Path. In either case, Photoshop applies the fill on the active image layer.

The Fill Path command works much like Edit ^ Fill. After drawing a path, choose the Fill Path command or Alt-click the fill path icon in the lower-left corner of the palette (the one that looks like a filled circle). Photoshop displays a slight variation of the Fill dialog box discussed in Chapter 6; the only difference is the inclusion of two

Rendering options. Enter a value in the Feather Radius option box to blur the edges of the fill, as if the path were a selection with a feathered outline. Select the Anti-aliased check box to slightly soften the outline of the filled area.

Note If you select one or more subpaths, the Fill Path command changes to Fill Subpaths, enabling you to fill the selected subpaths only. The fill path icon also affects only the selected subpaths.

lH j-j When applying the fill, Photoshop adheres to the overlap option you used when creating the path. Suppose that you draw two round paths, one fully inside the other. If you drew both circles with the Add overlap option active, both circles get filled. If you drew the interior circle with the Invert option active, Photoshop fills only the area between the two paths, resulting in the letter O.

If the Fill Path command fills only part or none of the path, the path probably falls outside the selection outline. Choose Select ^ Deselect (Ctrl+D) to deselect the image and then choose the Fill Path command again.

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