Freezing and thawing pixels

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, Photoshop automatically freezes selected pixels when you enter the Liquify dialog box, which means that any distortions you apply don't affect them. You can freeze additional areas at any time. You also can thaw pixels so that they once again become slaves to the distortion tools.

To freeze a portion of your image from the Liquify window, you have two options:

4 Press F to select the freeze tool, shown along with the Freeze options in Figure 11-42, and then drag over areas that you want to protect. You can adjust the brush size and pressure as you can when working with the distortion tools. But in this case, the pressure setting determines how deeply frozen the pixels become. At anything less than 100 percent, the pixels become partially distorted when you drag over them with a distortion tool. If you set the pressure to 50 percent, the distortion is applied with half the pressure as in unfrozen areas.

4 If you created a mask channel before choosing the Liquify command, you can freeze the masked area by selecting the channel from the Channel pop-up menu.

Thaw Freeze

Thaw Freeze

Figure 11-42: Use the freeze, thaw, and reconstruction tools and options to mask off areas from distortions and to revert distorted pixels to their original appearance.

To thaw frozen areas, thereby making them editable again, paint over them with the thaw tool (T). The Brush Pressure setting affects this tool just as it does the freeze tool. To thaw the entire image, click the Thaw All button.

Tip Just as you can inverse a selection outline or invert a mask in the quick mask mode, you can click the Invert button to quickly freeze any unfrozen pixels and thaw any ' frozen ones.

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