Making precise movements

Photoshop provides three methods for moving selections in prescribed increments. In each case, the move tool is active, unless otherwise indicated:

* First, you can nudge a selection in 1-pixel increments by pressing an arrow key on the keyboard or nudge in 10-pixel increments by pressing Shift with an arrow key. This technique is useful for making precise adjustments to the position of an image.

Tip To nudge a selected area when the move tool is not active, press Ctrl with an arrow key. Press Ctrl+Shift with an arrow key to move in 10 pixel increments. After the selection is floating — that is, after your first nudge — you can let up on the Ctrl key and use only the arrows (assuming a selection tool is active).

* Second, you can press Shift during a drag to constrain a move to a 45-degree direction — that is, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

* And third, you can use the Info palette to track your movements and to help locate a precise position in the image.

To display the Info palette, shown in Figure 8-19, choose Window ^ Show Info or press F8. The first section of the Info palette displays the color values of the image area beneath your cursor. When you move a selection, the other eight items in the palette monitor movement, as follows:

* X, Y: These values show the coordinate position of your cursor. The distance is measured from the upper-left corner of the image in the current unit of measure. The unit of measure in Figure 8-19 is pixels.

* AX, AY: These values indicate the distance of your move as measured horizontally and vertically.

* A, D: The A and D values reflect the angle and direct distance of your drag.

* W, H: These values reflect the width and height of your selection.

Figure 8-19: The Info palette provides a world of numerical feedback when you move a selection.
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