Moving and cloning paths

You can relocate and duplicate paths as follows:

* Clone a path: Click inside the path with the black arrow tool to select it. To select multiple subpaths, Shift-click them. Then Alt-drag to clone all selected paths.

♦ Move a path: After selecting the path with the black arrow, drag the path to its new home.

♦ Align and distribute paths: You can align two or more paths by selecting them with the black arrow and then clicking an alignment button on the Options bar. To space the paths evenly across the image, click one of the dis tribution buttons, which are shown in Figure 8-33. Press Enter or click the check-mark button on the Options bar to apply the transformation.

Path Overlap buttons Vertical alignment Vertical distribution

1 1 1

^ "yi rrfrw] n-i/

q r i\i ipi

Cv ita id




t—-n n T—11—! —1


jj g


Horizontal alignm

nent Horizontal distri


Figure 8-33: You can now align and distribute multiple selected paths, just as you can layers and vector objects.

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