Moving in 3D space

The next two tools are the most powerful and the hardest to use. They permit you to move the object in 3D space. When you switch to one of these tools, Photoshop renders the preview so you can see the image wrapped around the shape, as in Figure 11-45.

Pan camera (E): Drag the image to move it up, down, left, or right. How t is this different than moving the primitive with the arrow tool? This time, you're moving the image in 3D space across your field of vision. (To be more precise, you're moving the camera — which is your window into the image — while the object remains still.) As you move the image to the left, you see more of its right side. Move it up, and you see its bottom.

Trackball (R): The trackball rotates the image in 3D space. Meanwhile, ■ it's ultimately a 2D control — you can't move your cursor into or out of the screen; just up, down, and side to side — making it difficult to predict the outcome of a drag.

Tip Inevitably, you'll end up exposing the back, empty side of a shape. When this happens, spin the shape by dragging against the grain. To spin the shape head over heels, for example, drag directly up or down. To spin the shape side ways, drag horizontally. Don't fret too much about moving through the 3D world; just watch how the program behaves when you move your mouse from one location to another. In time, you'll see some very simple patterns that you can exploit to your advantage.

Figure 11-45: When you select either the pan camera or the trackball tool, Photoshop renders the image inside the preview area.

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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