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You 're probably thinking that if someone has the gall to call his book a Bible, it had better be pretty good. If you're not thinking that, it's probably because you've already experienced the Photoshop Bible and you know it's good.

— Los Angeles Times

Say goodbye to those dull and dusty step-by-step tutorials now that Deke McClelland, the Digital Guru of computer graphics, has updated his international bestseller, the Macworld Photoshop 5 Bible.

A great program deserves a great book. Photoshop has one in this mammoth paperback (Photoshop Bible).

— Cincinnati Enquirer

I've been involved with Photoshop for over seven years, and for as long as I can remember, I've had Deke looking over my shoulder. Deke takes you through Photoshop and covers a lot of areas with impressive depth.

— Mark Hamburg, Adobe Principal Scientist and Architect for Photoshop

It's always nice to see something that was very good become great — bigger and better than its predecessor(which was already quite good), the Macworld Photoshop 5 Bible kicks some serious butt: it's simply outstanding.


The Photoshop Bible is a must have encyclopedia of Photoshop info. It's a tribute to Deke's Photoshop knowledge that even the most veteran Photoshop users find the "Bible" required reading.

— Jeff Schewe, Imaging Artist and Author

(Photoshop Bibles) show you the ins and outs of this fascinating program, with step-by-step instructions for both everyday techniques and unusual but useful tricks.

— Houston Chronicle

This is an excellent book. I believe you will use it for years.

— Space Coast PC Journal

[In Photoshop Studio Secrets] McClelland takes you step by step through every stage of the design, from concept to execution. This is the book you need if you 're more interested in the artwork than in the tools.

— Los Angeles Times

With Photoshop expert Deke McClelland at the steering wheel, how can you go wrong!

— The Design & Publishing Center

The Photoshop 5 Bible by Deke McClelland sits proudly on my desk and is a constant source of information and assistance as I confidently create with Adobe Photoshop 5. McClelland's complete understanding of Adobe's suite of imaging software is only surpassed by his ability to teach. He may be my favorite author!

I gotta tell you — the Photoshop Bible has saved me many times. There is nothing more a designer needs (except for coffee) sitting beside his Mac than the Photoshop Bible.

While it may theoretically be possible to use Photoshop without the Photoshop Bible, I can't imagine why anyone would want to try.

— Tim Wilson, Keys Entertainment

McClelland offers tons of tips, tricks and procedures. There are more insights than any one person will likely be able to digest, but even a few will prove invaluable for getting more out of the program... . One advantage of such a large book is that complicated subjects can be dealt with at length. McClelland takes full advantage of this in the special effects section, detailing how the different filters work, what the effects of the filters are, and how users can better control the results... Macworld Photoshop Bible succeeds as a valuable tome for users of all levels. It will be helpful for beginners and relevant to advanced users.

— Communication Arts

This was the best computer book I've ever read.

This Author's style is inviting and comfortable. He explains complex concepts in a very simple, familiar manner. Nothing else comes close.

I read this book on vacation — and still had a good time!

— DLG, Vanderbilt, Mississippi

This book has the most extensive coverage of Adobe Photoshop I've seen! Thanks for helping me realize the limitless potential of Photoshop!

...this encyclopedic effort ought to help both new and experienced users unleash the power of this multidimensional program. Nearly every feature is explored in detail — in McClelland's conversational style... One imaging topic of importance among Photoshop disciples — Unsharp Making— gets no less than seven pages in the Bible. It's as clear an explanation ofUSM as has ever been published, backed up with examples showing the effects achieved by varying the Amount, Radius, and Threshold settings. In fact, if you 're looking for only one comprehensive Photoshop book, this may be the one.

— Photo District News

It's a must have for every professional Photoshop user.

I teach Photoshop; there would be no way for me to survive my first class without this book! Deke McClelland incorporates a funny way of explaining things, he's very thorough and tells you about "real-life" situations, not just what Adobe wants its customers to know.

I thought I was an expert Photoshop user, but you should see how many pages I've marked in this book. Deke's presentation is one of the clearest and most accurate I've seen.

— CS, Fullerton, California

This book puts the Photoshop user manual to shame!

Deke is humorous, not a self-righteous "know everything" author. This book cuts straight to the usable information, without the typical hype or fluff of the manufacturer manuals.

I'm able to do more than I thought possible with Photoshop using this guide.

I like the clear, concise, and practical application of each process in Photoshop. Especially the use of layers! WOW!

— MRB, Langley, Washington

I have every Photoshop book and this one is the best. It is the one I go to when I need an answer.

— EF, Boulder Colorado

What I really like about the book is that Deke McClelland starts at the basics and takes you step by step as if you knew nothing about scanning or images. He takes nothing for granted, explaining in the introduction such fundamentals as when to use Photoshop and when to use a drawing program...So what does Photoshop do and how does this book help you in doing it? Mr. McClelland will answer both questions and every other question you can think of within the confines of the Macintosh and Photoshop.

— Work Place, University College, Dublin, Ireland

No other book about Photoshop is as good as this one. It's the best!

— JO, Garsfontein, South Africa

A truly wonderful book, jam packed with useful hints, tricks and basic procedures in Photoshop.

I had tough deadlines and had never used Photoshop before. This book added years to my life!

Great job McClelland! Many books are dull, but this one made me laugh out loud. It was easy to read the whole thing.

— PM, Vallejo, California

I am laughing all day thinking about and reading this book.

Given the technical nature of the topic and the depth of coverage, you might expect the writing to be rather dry — somewhat less than inspiring. Fortunately, Deke McClelland is as accomplished a writer as he is a Photoshop guru. He has managed to keep a potentially heavy topic from becoming too great a burden on the reader, while maintaining a strong flow of information. His wit and style show through repeatedly in every chapter. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop on the Mac or PC.

It has an answer waiting for every question I could possibly have about Photoshop.

This "Bible" brings all the comfort that the King James Version no longer does — it's my new "Linus Blanket!" I have yet to go find a topic that I can think of that isn't covered by the book, and it is stuffed full of topics that wouldn 't have occurred to me.

I learn something new every time I open it.

— SFJ, Billerica, Massachusetts

It's a great book.definitely every Photoshop user's dream.

— CT, Brisbane, Australia

I like Deke McClelland's sense of humor! Plus I loved all the information he poured forth about every feature of Photoshop. I just think this book is excellent!

I think I love you, Deke McClelland! Thank you for continuing my ongoing quest!

This is a great book. I know Photoshop but I never realized you could do so much with it until I read this book.

It is easily understandable and very easy reading with as much information put together as I thought possible. It has everything!

This book helped me to understand the thought processes the developers went through to build the program, which helps me to be a better user.

The best Photoshop book I've seen — I know: I'm a sixteen-year professional.

— CD, Hazelwood, Missouri

While reading this book, it felt like a good friend was sitting over my shoulder letting me in on all the tips and tricks no one else would tell me about or knew about. Thanks!

Anyone involved with design knows about this book.

— TS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This book has information on all aspects of Photoshop in non-technical, everyday language. It was enjoyable to read and I learned a lot.

I selected Macworld Photoshop 4.0 Bible for my digital imaging course because I was impressed with its thoroughness and with the fact that it's very appropriate for beginning through advanced-level students...a very comprehensive text!

— Thomas Shirley, Faculty member, Digital Imaging, Columbia College, IL

Photoshop® 6 for Windows® Bible

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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