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Tip Under Windows 95 and later, the Open dialog box isn't the only place you can preview an image before you open it. In fact, provided you save the image in the * native Photoshop (.psd) format, you can peek at an image without even opening the program.

Right-click a file with a .psd extension — either at the desktop, in a folder window, or in Windows Explorer — and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. When the Properties dialog box opens, click the Photoshop Image tab to look at your image, as shown in Figure 3-6. Again, you must have saved a thumbnail preview along with the image for this feature to work.

Figure 3-6: Under Windows 95 and later, you can preview files saved in the native .psd format from the Properties dialog box.

You can also see a tiny thumbnail in the General panel of the Properties dialog box. This same thumbnail appears at the desktop level, assuming that the folder is set to View ^ Large Icons. Using the other tabs in the Properties dialog box, you can view the caption, keywords, credits, and other information created using Photoshop's File ^ File Info command (covered at the end of Chapter 2).

Unfortunately, this trick works only for images saved in the native Photoshop format. TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and other images can be previewed only from inside Photoshop's Open dialog box. Even so, it's a heck of a trick and — if you need some ammunition — it's something your friends on the Mac can't do.

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