Previewing the CMYK color space

While you're editing in RGB mode, you can soft proof your image — display a rough approximation of what the image will look like when converted to CMYK and printed. Version 6 offers a few new options in this regard and changes the imple mentation of some old ones. To display colors in the CMYK color space, you now choose View ^ Proof Colors. You also can press the old CMYK preview keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Y.

But before you do either, select the output you want to preview from the View ^ Proof Colors submenu. Photoshop creates the proof display based on your selection. You can preview the image using the current CMYK working space, choose Custom to specify a particular outptut device, or preview the individual cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plates. The plates appear as grayscale images unless you colorize them by selecting the Color Channels in Color option in the Preferences dialog box (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+3). If you work with an older model color ink-jet printer that prints using just cyan, magenta, and yellow, you can choose the working CMY Plates option to see what your image will look like when printed without black ink.

View ^ Gamut Warning (Ctrl+Shift+Y) is a companion to Photoshop's CMYK preview commands that covers so-called out-of-gamut colors — RGB colors with no CMYK equivalents — with gray. I find this command less useful because it demonstrates a problem without suggesting a solution. You can desaturate the grayed colors with the sponge tool (which I explain in Chapter 5), but this accomplishes little that Photoshop won't do automatically. A CMYK preview is much more serviceable and representative of the final CMYK image.

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