Primitive shape tools

Use one of the primitive shape tools to draw a basic 3D shape in the preview area. This is the shape around which 3D Transform will wrap the selected image.

Cube (M): Use this tool to draw a six-sided box. Adobe selected Mas the shortcut to match Illustrator, which uses Mfor its rectangle tool. And that M is based in turn on Photoshop's marquee tool.

Sphere (N): This tool creates a perfect sphere. Again, the shortcut comes from Illustrator, this time from the ellipse tool. Just remember, Nfollows M. (Ironically, Sgoes unused. Ain't cross-application consistency a pain in the neck?)

Cylinder (C): This cylinder tool draws your basic, everyday, dowel-like cylinders. But you can edit them to make lots of other shapes, as I explain in the upcoming "Cylinder editors." Thankfully, Illustrator offers no equivalent for the cylinder tool, so we get a sensible shortcut, C.

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