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Some methods of adjusting a selection outline are automatic: You choose a command and you're finished. The following list explains how a few commands — all members of the Select menu — work:

♦ Deselect (Ctrl+D): You can deselect the selected portion of an image in three ways. You can select a different portion of the image; click anywhere in the image window with the rectangular marquee tool, the elliptical marquee tool, or the lasso tool; or choose Select ^ Deselect. Remember, though, when no part of an image is selected, the entire image is susceptible to your changes. If you apply a filter, choose a color-correction command, or use a paint tool, you affect every pixel of the foreground image.

♦ Reselect (Ctrl+Shift+D): If you accidentally deselect an image, you can retrieve the most recent selection outline by choosing Select ^ Reselect. It's a great function that operates entirely independently of the Undo command and History palette, and it works even after performing a long string of selection-unrelated operations. (You can restore older selections from the History palette, but that usually means undoing operations along the way.)

♦ Inverse (Ctrl+Shift+I): Choose Select ^ Inverse to reverse the selection. Photoshop deselects the portion of the image that was previously selected and selects the portion of the image that was not selected. This way, you can begin a selection by outlining the portion of the image you want to protect, rather than the portion you want to affect.

Tip You can also access the Inverse and Deselect commands from a context sensitive pop up menu in the image window. Right click to make the menu appear under * neath your cursor.

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