Reordering layers

What good are layers if you can't periodically change what's on the top and what's on the bottom? You can reorder layers in two ways. First, you can drag a layer name up or down in the scrolling list to move it forward or backward in layering order. The only trick is to make sure that the black bar appears at the point where you want to move the layer before you release the mouse button, as illustrated in Figure 12-11.

The all-important black bar

The all-important black bar

Figure 12-11: Drag a layer between two other layers to make the all-important black bar appear (left). Then release the mouse button to change the hierarchy of the layer (right).

The second way to reorder layers is to choose a command from the Layer ^ Arrange submenu. For example, choose Layer ^ Arrange ^ Bring Forward to move the active layer up one level; choose Layer ^ Arrange ^ Send to Back to move the layer to above the background layer.

You can move faster if you remember the following keyboard shortcuts:

4 Ctrl+Shift+]: Press Ctrl+right bracket to move the active layer to the top of the stack.

4 Ctrl+Shift+[: This shortcut moves the active layer to the bottom of the stack, just above the background layer.

4 Ctrl+]: This nudges the layer up one level.

Note You can neither reorder the background layer nor move any other layer below the background until you first convert the background to a floating layer, as explained in the previous section.

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