Replacing and swapping color channels

If you truly want to abuse the colors in an RGB or CMYK image, there's nothing like replacing one color channel with another to produce spectacular effects. Color Plate 4-4 shows a few examples applied to an RGB image.

♦ In the first example, I used the Channel Mixer to replace the red channel with the blue. I did this by setting the Output Channel to Red, changing the Red value to 0 percent and the Blue value to 100 percent. The result is a green woman floating in a green sea under a purple sky.

♦ To achieve the next example, I again started from the original RGB image and used Channel Mixer to replace the green channel with the red. The result this time is a yellow woman against a deep blue background.

♦ To create the purple woman in a green world on the right side of Color Plate 4-4, I replaced the blue channel with the red.

You can create more interesting effects by using Color Mixer to swap the contents of color channels. For example, in the lower left example of Color Plate 4-4, I swapped the contents of the red and blue channels to create a blue woman on a green sea under an orange sky. To accomplish this, I set the Output Channel to Red, set the Red value to 0 and the Blue to 100. Then I switched to the Blue channel (Ctrl+3) and set the Red value to 100 and the Blue to 0.

The next two examples along the bottom of Color Plate 4-4 show the results of swapping the red and green channels (for a bright green woman) and the green and blue channels. Because the green and blue channels contain relatively similar data, this produces the subtlest effect, chiefly switching the sea and sky colors and turning the swimsuit pink.

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