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Photoshop 6 lets you save layer effects and blending options for later use by creating layer styles, which show up as items in the Styles palette. There are three ways to create a style:

♦ Click the New Style icon. When working in the Layer Style dialog box, click the New Style icon to display the options shown at the bottom of Figure 14-16. Name your style, and then use the check boxes to decide which settings in the Layer Style dialog box are preserved. The first check box saves the effects covered in this chapter, the second saves the blending options discussed in the previous chapter.

♦ Click in the Styles palette. Choose Window S Show Styles to view the Styles palette. Then move your cursor inside the palette and click with the paint bucket, as in the top example in Figure 14-16. Photoshop shows you the New Style dialog box. Set the options as described previously.

♦ Drag and drop a layer. Start with both the Layers and Styles palettes open. Now drag any layer, active or not, and drop it in the Styles palette. Again, Photoshop shows you the New Style dialog box.

Figure 14-16: Click in the Styles palette (top) to display the New Style dialog box (bottom).

After you press Enter, Photoshop saves the style as a new preset. As with any preset, you can apply it to future images during future Photoshop sessions. Just click a style to apply it to the active layer, or drag the style and drop it on any layer name (active or not) in the Layers palette. And don't forget, Photoshop ships with scads of preset styles that you can explore at your leisure. Load a set of styles from the Styles palette menu, apply one to your favorite layer, and take a look at how it's put together in the Layer Style dialog box. It's a great way to get a feel for the amazing variety of effects that are possible in Photoshop 6.

Tip A style may include blending options, layer effects, or both. Applying a new style to a layer replaces all blending options and/or effects associated with that style. If you would rather add the blending options and effects from a style to the existing blending options and effects associated with a layer, Shift-click an item in the Styles palette.

Note Sadly, there is no way to update a style. And even if you could, the style and layer are not linked, so updating the style would have no effect on the layer. Photoshop lets you create new styles, rename existing styles, and delete old ones — that's about it.

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