Scrolling inside the window

In the standard window mode, you have access to scroll bars, just as you do in just about every other major application. But as you become more proficient with Photo shop, you'll use the scroll bars less and less. One way to bypass the scroll bars is to use the keyboard equivalents listed in Table 2-1.

Table 2-1 Scrolling from the Keyboard

Scrolling Action


Up one screen

Page Up

Up slightly

Shift+Page Up

Down one screen

Page Down

Down slightly

Shift+Page Down

Left one screen

Ctrl+Page Up

Left slightly

Ctrl+Shift+Page Up

Right one screen

Ctrl+Page Down

Right slightly

Ctrl+Shift+Page Down

To upper-left corner


To lower-right corner


I've heard tales of artists who use the Page Up and Page Down shortcuts to comb through very large images at 100-percent view size. This way, they can make sure all their pixels are in order before going to print.

Personally, however, I don't use the Page key tricks very often. I'm the kind of merry lad who prefers to scroll by hand. Armed with the grabber hand — as old timers call it — you can yank an image and pull it in any direction you choose. A good grabber hand is better than a scroll bar any day.

Tip To access the hand tool temporarily when some other tool is selected, press and hold the spacebar. Releasing the spacebar returns the cursor to its original appear ance. This keyboard equivalent even works from inside many dialog boxes.

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