STEPS: Aligning Layers

1. Select the layer that will serve as the anchor. Whenever you align layers, one layer remains still and the others align to it. The active layer is the one that remains still.

2. Link the layers you want to align. Click in front of the layers you want to align to display the link icon. (And be sure to unlink any layers you don't want to align.) You have to link at least two layers — after all, there's no point in aligning a layer to itself.

3. Choose a command from the Layer ^ Align Linked submenu. If you don't like the result, press Ctrl+Z and try a different command.

Tip You can likewise align linked layers to a selection outline. Just select an area inside any layer, and choose a command from the Layer Align To Selection submenu. The selection remains stationary, and the layers move into alignment.

The Distribute Linked commands space linked layers evenly. So it doesn't matter which of the linked layers is selected — the command distributes all linked layers with respect to the two horizontal or vertical extremes. Naturally, it's meaningless to space one or two layers, so the Distribute Linked commands require three or more layers to be linked. And there is no such thing as Distribute To Selection.

Ij-1 Photoshop 6 provides easy access to the align and distribute functions in the Options bar. Just select the move tool (by pressing V) and there they are. You can also align and distribute paths by selecting two or more paths with the black arrow tool and clicking buttons in the Options bar.

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