The magnification box

Another way to zoom in and out without changing the window size is to enter a value into the magnification box, located in the lower-left corner of the Photoshop window. Select the magnification value, enter a new one, and press Enter. Photoshop zooms the view without zooming the window. (Neither the Resize Windows to Fit check box on the Options bar nor the Keyboard Zoom Resizes Windows option in the Preferences dialog box affect the magnification box.)

In Figure 2-11, I started with a specially sized window at actual-pixels view. I then entered two different zoom ratios into the magnification box — 156.7 percent and 60.4 percent — alternately enlarging and reducing the image within the confines of a static window.

Figure 2-11: To zoom an image without changing the window size, enter a zoom ratio into the magnification box and press Enter. Alternatively, deselect the Resize Windows to Fit check box on the Options bar when working with the zoom tool.

You might like to know more about the magnification box:

Tip You can enter values in the magnification box as percentages, ratios, or

"times" values. To switch to a zoom value of 250 percent, for example, you can enter 250%, 5:2, or 2.5x.

♦ You can specify a zoom value in increments as small as 0.01 percent. So if a zoom value of 250.01 doesn't quite suit your fancy, you can try 250.02. I seriously doubt you'll need this kind of precision, but isn't it great to know it's there?

Tip When you press Enter after entering a magnification value, Photoshop changes the view size and returns focus to the image window. If you aren't exactly certain what jF zoom ratio you want to use, press Shift+Enter instead. This changes the view size while keeping the magnification value active; this way you can enter a new value and try again.

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