The Pixelate Filters

The Filter ^ Pixelate submenu features a handful of commands that rearrange your image into clumps of solid color:

4 Crystallize: This filter organizes an image into irregularly shaped nuggets. You specify the size of the nuggets by entering a value from 3 to 300 pixels in the Cell Size option.

4 Facet: Facet fuses areas of similarly colored pixels to create a sort of hand-painted effect.

4 Mosaic: The Mosaic filter blends pixels together into larger squares. You specify the height and width of the squares by entering a value in the Cell Size option box.

4 Pointillize: This filter is similar to Crystallize, except it separates an image into disconnected nuggets set against the background color. As usual, you specify the size of the nuggets by changing the Cell Size value.

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