The zoom commands

You can also zoom in and out using the following commands and keyboard shortcuts:

♦ Choose View ^ Zoom In or press Ctrl+plus (+) to zoom in. This command works exactly like clicking with the zoom tool except you can't specify the center of the new view size. Photoshop merely centers the zoom in keeping with the previous view size.

♦ Choose View ^ Zoom Out or press Ctrl+minus (-) to zoom out.

I[J The General panel of the Photoshop 6 Preferences dialog box (Ctrl+K) includes an option called Keyboard Zoom Resizes Windows. If you select this option, Photoshop resizes the image window when you use the Zoom commands. (Despite the setting's name, it applies when you choose the zoom commands from the menu as well as when you use the keyboard shortcuts.) To override the setting temporarily, press Alt as you press the keyboard shortcut or select the menu command. Similarly, if you deselect the option in the Preferences dialog box, you can add the Alt to turn window-zooming on temporarily.

Tip If Photoshop is unresponsive to these or any other keyboard shortcuts, it's proba bly because the image window has somehow become inactive. (It can happen if you so much as click the taskbar.) Just click the image window title bar and try again.

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