The zoom tool

Obviously, the aforementioned zoom ratios aren't the only ones available to you. You can zoom in as close as 1,600 percent and zoom out to 0.2 percent.

The easiest way to zoom in and out of your image is to use the zoom tool:

♦ Click in the image window with the zoom tool to magnify the image in preset increments — from 33.33 percent to 50 to 66.67 to 100 to 200 and so on. Photoshop tries to center the zoomed view at the point where you clicked (or come as close as possible).

♦ Alt-click with the zoom tool to reduce the image incrementally — 200 to 100 to 66.67 to 50 to 33.33 and so on. Again, Photoshop tries to center the new view on the click point.

♦ Drag with the zoom tool to draw a rectangular marquee around the portion of the image you want to magnify. Photoshop magnifies the image so the mar-queed area fits just inside the image window. (If the horizontal and vertical proportions of the marquee do not match those of your screen — for example, if you draw a tall, thin marquee or a really short, wide one — Photoshop favors the smaller of the two possible zoom ratios to avoid hiding any detail inside the marquee.)

♦ If you want Photoshop to resize the window when you click with the zoom tool, select the Resize Windows to Fit check box on the Options bar. The check box appears only when the zoom tool is the active tool.

Ij-1 ♦ Turn off the Ignore Palettes check box on the Options bar if you want Photo shop to stop resizing the window when the window bumps up against a palette that's anchored against the side of the program window. Turn the option on to resize the window regardless of the palettes. The palettes then float over the resized window.

Tip To access the zoom tool temporarily when some other tool is selected, press and hold the Ctrl and spacebar keys. Release both keys to return control of the cursor * to the selected tool. To access the zoom out cursor, press Alt with the spacebar. These keyboard equivalents work from inside many dialog boxes, enabling you to modify the view of an image while applying a filter or color correction.

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