Using Opacity and Blend Modes

This is not the first time in this book that I've touched on the Opacity value or the blend mode pop-up menu. And given that the Layers palette's blend modes mimic the brush modes (both in name and in function) as I discussed in "The 19 paint tool modes" section near the end of Chapter 5, we're covering some familiar territory. But you'll soon find that there's a significant difference between laying down a single color with a brush and merging the all the colors that inhabit a single layer. This difference is the stuff of the following pages.

Note Incidentally, both the Opacity and blend mode options are dimmed when working on the background layer or in a single layer image. There's nothing underneath, so there's nothing to mix. Naturally, this goes double when editing black and white and indexed images or when editing masks, because neither of these circumstances supports layers.

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