When to use a drawing program

You 're probably better off using Illustrator, CorelDraw, or some other drawing program if you're interested in creating more stylized artwork, such as the following:

♦ Poster art and other high-contrast graphics that heighten the appearance of reality

♦ Architectural plans, product designs, or other precise line drawings

♦ Business graphics, such as charts and other "infographics" that reflect data or show how things work

♦ Traditional logos and text effects that require crisp, ultrasmooth edges

♦ Brochures, flyers, and other single-page documents that mingle artwork, logos, and standard-sized text (such as the text you're reading now)

If you're serious about computer graphics, you should own at least one painting program and one drawing program. If I had to rely exclusively on two graphics applications, I would probably choose Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe has done a fine job of establishing symmetry between the two programs, so that they share common interface elements and keyboard shortcuts. Learn one and the other makes a lot more sense.

For those who are interested, I write a cradle-to-grave guide to Illustrator called Real World Illustrator, published by Peachpit Press. (Occasionally a reader asks me why I didn't write IDG Books' Illustrator Bible, perhaps hoping for a salacious insight into the publishing world. Sadly, the reason is mundane: I already had a signed contract with Peachpit when IDG offered the Bible to me. Fortunately for IDG Books and the industry at large, a talented first-time author named Ted Alspach stepped in. Adobe has since snatched up Ted and made him the Illustrator 9 product manager. As IDG likes to say, that'll teach me to go writing books for other publishers.) I'm also the host of a handful of video training series, including Total Photoshop and Total Illustrator, both produced by Total Training (www.totaltraining.com).

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