How To Render Cars In Photoshop

About The Program

How to render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy is a complete video-based Photoshop car rendering learning program, jam-packed from start to finish with all the tips and techniques that were previously known by only small handful professional designers.

This program contains all the information you will ever need to render a perfect looking 3D cars easily and quickly that will amaze your friends.

The video program contains over 4.5 hours of video content which give you step-by-step instructions on how to become an expert at rendering cars in Photoshop even without previous knowledge or skills.

The program is online and video-based, meaning all you need to do is sit down and watch it on your desktop, laptop, or your smartphone right away, and in a few hours, you will be able to produce that will even surprise you.

The videos are of the author himself rendering cars in Photoshop right before your eyes, and his interactive nature will make you think you are literally sitting in the same room with him, looking over his shoulder as he works with Photoshop.

You can watch the video tutorials using your favorite web browser and in no time, learn how to render cars in Photoshop, at your own pace, and without any fixed schedule. You can actually work from the comfort of your own home.

You can either pick what you want to know and have the practical instructions to get you started straight away. Or learn the foundations to help you render any car you want very fast.

About the author: The author of this program is Tim Rugendyke. He has been working as an automotive designer for big companies such as General Motors and Ford as well as working on countless international transportation design projects spanning across Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. He has also lectured Australia's leading design school, teaching aspiring designers on how to render cars like a professional. Tim has amassed valuable experience along the way to help him discover the insider secrets that are 100% guaranteed to get you rendering amazing cars in Photoshop fast and easy. He has put together all these secrets and instructions in one comprehensive step-by-step video program that is called ‘How to Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy'.

What You Learn From The Video Program

Among many things you will learn from this program includes:

  • How to produce realistic 3D looking cars within a couple of hours using Photoshop or any other photo editing platform such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, and GIMP.
  • How to choose the right colors so your renderings really pop out of your screen
  • The best way to add color and tone to make your renderings come alive
  • Why adding shadows the right way will give your renderings extra depth and shape definition
  • The insider tips on how to create classic chrome reflections
  • How to render realistic-looking windows both transparent and tinted
  • Creating perfect reflections the quick and easy way
  • The multiple ways of adding highlights that give your renderings more life
  • What to refer to when rendering indicator lights
  • Learn how to instantly change the look and feel of a rendering in a few mouse clicks
  • Everything you need to know about how design professionals use Photoshop layers
  • A simple cheat that design pros use to produce perfect rims
  • How the pros “borrow” existing images to save time and make their renderings more realistic
  • Creating simple interior details quickly
  • How to use Photoshop to finish off rendering to really bring out the car without overpowering it
  • One surprising tip on what you shouldn’t use Photoshop for
  • Step-by-step analysis of rendering examples so you can see how the pros produce amazing renderings.

What You Get With How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy

This program contains detailed instructions, explaining how to perform each task. It has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to produce amazingly realistic 3D car renderings in Photoshop fast and easy.

The course is designed to be user-friendly. You can pause, rewind and re-watch the parts you didn’t get over and over again.

Here is what is covered in the video program:

  • Introduction (Video #1)
  • Introduction and program outline
  • Examples of renderings before and after Photoshop
  • Scanning Your Drawings (Video #2)
  • Scanning hand draw images
  • Optimal scan settings for speed and resolution
  • Quick Start Guide (Videos 3 – 5)

In this video, you will learn about the technique that the author used daily in his project. You will discover how to render a car quickly and simply by just adding some tones in Photoshop to take an OK hand-drawn sketch to a whole new level in less than an hour.

Quick Start Guide Part 1 – Adding Color (Video #3)

  • Adding tone to bring the drawing to life
  • Using the Lasso selection tool
  • Tidying up the drawing
  • Adding reflections
  • Adjusting opacity

Quickstart Guide Part 2 – Adding Reflections (Video #4)

  • Adding sky and ground tone reflections
  • Creating automatic highlights without using colors
  • Building up the tone with brushes.
  • Pontiac G8 Rendering (Videos 6 – 18)
  • Le Mans Racer Rendering (Videos 19 – 26)

Course Video Bonus

  • Applying Color in Photoshop
  • Adding Object Reflections
  • Car Body Reflections Cheat Sheet

How To Render Cars In Photoshop video program is a great way to learn how to render cars in Photoshop. The author of the program is a tutor and he has designed the course to fit any learner.

How To Render Cars In Photoshop
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