Viddyoze Video Animation Software Review

Viddyoze Video Animation Software

About Viddyoze

Viddyoze is unique web-based 3D software that you can use to create breathtaking animations in just 3 clicks. With this tool, you can easily create video elements such as segways, intros, outros, social actions, call to actions and many more.

Being a web-based software tool, it can work with Mac as well as PC computers. The way the software is designed, you don’t need to go through the struggles of downloading and installing it on your computer. All you need is a strong internet connection and you will be able to access the platform from anywhere and at any time.

Viddyoze was created to render all videos in the same speed regardless of which device you are using, be it a Mac Pc computer or a mobile device.

When you log in to your account in Viddyoze, you will access all the animations and videos you created stored within your account, something many users think is a plus to this platform as compared to others.

Viddyoze is affordable and the first animation generation software that is fully automated.

The platform also has a vast array of professional templates, reaching over 170, which you can access to help you generate the animation videos the way you want.

It is hard to find a platform like Viddyoze in the market, because it is not just affordable, but also generates high-quality professional animations in just 3 clicks.  

You can customize your creations to match your brand or do virtually anything with Viddyoze without any previous design or marketing experience.

About the Author

Viddyoze was created by a team of three guys, Joey Xoo, Jamie Garside, and David Chamberlain. Joy Xoto has been in the online video marketing industry for many years and they work together for almost a year to see that Viddyoze becomes first of its kind fully-automated animation marker in the market.

How Viddyoze Works

Log into your account using the login information you were given after purchasing the software.

If you are returning and already had some videos you created, there is a filter on the top of the screen that will enable you to access your previous creations. Whether it was logo stinger, misc, outro, social, call to action or rendering. Each video you create has the following details: video title, duration, creation date, download options and play (for quick video preview). Select all and quick delete all functionalities have been lately integrated for easy managing of bulk files.

Each file you create can be downloaded in the following formats: 3GPP, MPEG-4, 3GPP2, and QuickTime.

If you want to create new animation videos, just click on the create tab and you will access the wide pool of templates with different variations based on the video category you want to create.

Choose between different styles of animations, such as call to action, logo stinger, misc, outro, and social.

Choosing a template is easy. All you have to do is hover the cursor on any template and it will show you a quick preview of the animation. 

After customizing your template to fit your needs, click finish and move to the next step.

Confirm your video by checking for grammar mistakes and if you selected the right image for your logo. You can come back anytime and make changes wherever you feel the need.

Now render your video by clicking the Build Video button. The software will start working on the video and will render the animation in the background.

Once the software is done creating the video, click on My Videos tab to check it. Download the video in a format you please and save it to your computer or mobile device.

Features of Viddyoze

  • Stunning social actions

Viddyoze social media animations will enable you to bring in more likes, shares, followers, and retweets.

  • Seamless transitions

With Viddyoze huge template bank, you can be sure your videos will flow effortlessly from start to finish.

  • Compelling outros and CTAs

The outros and the CTAs that come with Viddyoze will let you increase your sales, shares, and signups. They are approved by marketers so you can relax and create professional-looking animations.

  • Movie filters

With his feature, you can add flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading and more so you can turn your video into something a professional movie producer will admire.

Benefits of Viddyoze

  • Help you get outstanding studio quality animations and next-gen live action animations for any video in just 3 clicks.
  • You can make high-quality pro-videos to skyrocket your sales.
  • Raise your prices and establish yourself as a true professional.
  • Viddyoze can also give the pre-existing videos a new lease of life with just a single animation.
  • You can add an extra revenue stream by selling your animations.
  • It is 100% cloud-based, meaning you can access it anywhere even with your mobile device.
  • It is simple. The point-and-click system means anyone can create intros that can rival the top studios.
  • Automated video animation software.
  • A large pool of designer template library.
  • Custom audio support.
  • 100% compatibility.
  • It has a members' area and training.
  • It comes with a commercial license, which means you can keep all the proceeds from the sale of the animations.
Viddyoze Video Animation Software
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