Second Sample Script

The following script presents a progression of images as a PDF slide show. PDFPresentation.vbs

' use all the files in the Samples folder

Dim appRef, inputFiles(), i, outputFile, options

Set appRef = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")

' get all the files found in this folder

Set fsoRef = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" ) Set folderRef = fsoRef.GetFolder( appRef.Path & "Samples\" )

ReDim inputFiles(folderRef.Files.Count)

For Each f in folderRef.Files inputFiles(i) = f.Path i = i + 1 Next

' output to the desktop outputFile = "C:\\JavaScriptPresentation.pdf"

' there are defaults but I like to set the options myself Set options = CreateObject("Photoshop.PresentationOptions") options.Presentation = true options.Encoding = 2 'for PsPDFEncoding --> 2 (psPDFJPEG) options.AutoAdvance = true options.Interval = 5 options.Loop = true options.Transition = 10 'for PsTransitionType --> 10 (psRandom) ' create the presentation appRef.MakePDFPresentation inputFiles, outputFile, options

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