Many thanks to Simon, Matt, Priya, and all of the wonderful and cheery SitePoint team for giving me the chance to write this book and for the time and encouragement that they invested in the process.

Thanks also to Jason, Greg, and Eric, first, for believing in the potential of a young mathematics major with a flimsy resume; second, for suggesting that I submit an article to SitePoint (which started all of this); and finally, for their unbelievably flexible and supportive working relationship.

Thanks to Angela, for introducing her kid sister to computer graphics programs, and Leslie, for setting up free travel, room and board, and the summer internship that would introduce me to web design.

I also want to thank the Biggs family (in whose house much of this book was written) for their friendship and generosity, and the Wiekings and Toones for graciously allowing me to use photos of their cute children for some of the examples.

Thanks to my family, especially to my parents, who sacrificed for me and taught me how to work hard, and to Steve, for believing in me, loving me, and giving me an excuse to take breaks.

Finally, I thank the One who has blessed me with every good gift and is my source of inspiration.

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