Adding an Outline to a Button

In this solution, we're going to be adding outlines to our basic buttons to make them look like the ones shown here.

Buttons with outlines

NOTE Adding Layer Styles

In this chapter and beyond, we'll be making heavy use of layer styles, which are applied by launching the Layer Style window. There are a few different ways to launch this window, but the one I use most often is to click on the little button at the bottom of the layer palette, as shown here.

Clicking this button will display a dialog box listing all of the different layer styles available. Simply choose the one you want and the Layer Style window will launch, with the specific effect selected. It's also possible to select the same styles from the menu bar (Layer > Layer Style), but using the icon saves you one mouse click!



1 Lavers\. channel \ Paths \ >


Blending Options,,,

| >

Lock: □ J- Fill: | 100% [F|


v" Drop Shadow,,, Inner Shadow...

>0% i > j


_j| Soda bat., #



Color Overlay...

9 9

•Q Drop Shsdo'.v ~ | Pizza sfics 1 f Q


9 9



9 9



9 *

Gradient Overlay... Pattern Overlay... Stroke...


Q Drop Shadow

{ O^tol -J ^J *


Adding a layer style

Adding a layer style

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