Creating Buttons

Now, onto the good stuff!

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Blending Options: Default ij Drop Shadow

□ Inner Shadow 0 Outer Giow

□ Bevel and Emboss

□ Color Overlay

□ Gradient Overlay

□ Pattern Overlay

Gradient Overlay i— Gradient -

Blend Mode: Normal Opacity: -Gradient: |

Style: Linear

In this chapter, we'll be making navigation buttons. The solutions I'll describe are for creating button effects. Don't worry about making a complete navigation interface in Photoshop yet; I'll help you design layout comps later in the book.

The techniques you'll learn here can be applied to any "button-like" object, including icons, bullets, title and navigation bars, and other page accents.

Angle Scale:

0 Align with Layer

#8e 8e96 #f5f6ff



A rectangular button with a thick border
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