You can use methods to make colors in a photo more vivid. Let's look at them briefly.

Changing the Blend Mode

In the Layers palette, duplicate your image layer using Ctrl-J (Command-J

on a Mac). Change the mode of the duplicated layer to Overlay using the drop-down menu at the top of the palette. If you find the effect too striking, try "fading" it by lowering the Opacity of the overlay layer.

Experiment with some of the other blending modes to see the effect that each produces.

Overlay mode i fo i fo

Layers Channels 1 Paths


|— overlay original under overlay

Layers Channels 1 Paths


original under overlay

Duplicated layer

Setting the duplicated layer to Overlay mode

Using a Curves Adjustment Layer

Adding a Curves adjustment layer, as described in the solution for "Adding Tone Adjustments and Contrast," can also make the colors of an image more vivid. Applying the basic S-curve shown at right to our ocean image produced the result shown at the top of the next page. In this example, the Curves adjustment layer and Overlay blending mode technique produce very similar results, with the Curves adjustment layer providing slightly more contrast.

Adjusting the curves

Contrasting different techniques

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