Saving Files

Save a file by selecting File > Save, or pressing Ctrl-S (Command-S on a Mac). For a newly-created document, this will save your work in Photoshop Document (PSD)

The New dialog box

TIP Snappy Presets

If you're designing for a web site with a minimum screen size of 800x600 pixels, I'd recommend you start with a 750x550 pixel document. The smaller dimensions give you a better estimate of your actual screen area after you take into account scroll bars and menu bars. Also, be sure to set the resolution at 72dpi to reflect the actual screen resolution.

If you want easy access to these dimensions for other new documents, it's probably a good idea to click Save Preset and give the settings a name like Web Page. The next time you create a new document, you will be able to load your Web Page settings from the Preset list.

format. If you would prefer to save a copy of the document, you can use File > Save As or pressing Ctrl-Shift-S (Command-Shift-S on a Mac) instead.

Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

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