1 Select the Brush Tool (b).

2 Open the Brushes palette. Click on the small arrow in the top right-hand corner and select Square Brushes. A dialog box will appear, asking you whether you want to replace or append to the list of brushes you currently have displayed. You can always restore your original brush settings by selecting Reset Brushes, (click Append if you'd rather add the default brushes to your current list, otherwise click OK.) Choose Brush Tip Shape and select a square brush whose diameter matches the length you want each dotted stroke to have. If the size is not quite right, you can adjust it with the Diameter slider as shown in the image on the right.

Increase the Spacing slider until the spacing between brush strokes works for you.

I Brushes ^


Brush Presets

Brush Tip Shape

□ Color Dynamics fi

□ Airbrush E Smoothing

Diameter 9 px

Roundness: 100%


0 Spacing

Changing the height of the stroke

Changing the height of the stroke

Modifying brush tip shape options

You might want to squash your brush so that it's more of a rectangle. Click on the top or bottom point of the circle in the dialog box and drag it towards the horizontal axis until the stroke looks similar to that in the image at left.

6 Check the Scattering checkbox and change the scattering amount to 0%.

Rri idiPC 1 1 J^ct)

Brush Presets

Scatter □ Both Axes 0%

Brush Tip Shape □ Shape Dynamics fi"


^Control: | Off |v|

0 Scattering fi

Count 1 1

ll] Texture

□ Other Dynamics Si

□ Noise Ja

Count Jitter o%

Control:] off Ml



Changing the scattering amount

Changing the scattering amount

7 Right. Now you're ready to draw your box! Choose a foreground color for your dotted line. Create a new layer, hold down the Shift key, and drag across your document to draw a horizontal line.

Drawing a dotted line

8 Next, return to the Brushes palette and drag on the horizontal axis arrow to rotate the brush by 90 degrees (or type 90 in the Angle textbox). This will allow you to draw vertical strokes.

9 Hold down Shift and drag the mouse down to draw a vertical line.

10 Rotate your brush back to zero, and draw your second horizontal line.

11 Complete your box by rotating the brush to 90 degrees once more and drawing the last vertical line.

Finished coupon box

Rotating the brush

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