Shiny metallic buttons

Shiny metallic buttons

Basic buttons

Create a raster or vector button. I've created both a rounded and rectangular button in this example. The color of the button is unimportant, as it won't affect the final result.

The fun begins! Open the Layer Style dialog box by clicking on the Add a layer style button at the bottom of the Layers palette and selecting Outer Glow from the menu that appears. In the dialog box, change the Blend Mode to Normal, and click on the color swatch (light yellow by default) and change it to gray, as shown here.

Applying outer glow

Applying outer glow

3 Now, select Stroke from the styles list in the dialog box to add a stroke layer effect. I used a dark gray, 1px stroke, as shown here.

4 We're ready to add the gradient overlay (there go those gradients again!). Select Gradient Overlay from the Styles list in the dialog box, and double-click on the gradient color swatch to open the Gradient Editor dialog box. Set the Applying a stroke to the button colors of the gradient as I've done overleaf.

Add more color patches to the gradient bar by clicking anywhere along the bottom of it. Edit the color of a patch by double-clicking on it to bring up the Color Picker. You can also click and slide color patches to adjust the appearance of your gradient.

Layer Style

OThner Shadow 0 Outer Glow

□ Bevel and Emboss Qcorrteiir-

□ Color Overlay

0 Gi adirnt I Ivprl.iy


li Overlay


Eilend Mode: j Normal


Style; Linear Angle; Scale:

* 0 Align with Layer



#f5f6ff n

#9d9da1 #c6c8d5

#9d9da1 #c6c8d5



5 Click OK to apply all the layer styles.

Your shiny, metallic button is complete! Turn off the Stroke style for a more subtle effect (uncheck its checkbox to do so)—I did this for the left button in the examples shown here.


You can vary the appearance of your shiny button by playing with the gradient editor settings. The examples below show how the look of our shiny button changed when different gradient configurations were applied.

#5f5f6c #9d9da1 #eae9f3 #c6c9d5 #ffffff

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