1 Start with the glassy button you created in the solution titled "Making a Glass Button." Change the fill of the button layer to 100%, as shown at right, and use a very light, "pearly" color for the shape. I've used #fae1f9 for my pink, pearly button.

Example of a pearl button

Example of a pearl button

Changing the fill color

2 Enhance the three-dimensional effect of the button by adding a slight inner glow. Double-click on the f icon for the layer to bring up the Layer Style dialog box, shown at right. Select Inner Glow and change the Blend Mode to Normal and the Opacity to 10%. Increase the Size if you need to.

Adding an Inner Glow effect

3 We'll also make the drop shadow a bit more subtle. Select Drop Shadow and decrease the shadow size to 3px or 4px.

4 Finally, add your text layer. Here we see our final button—

pearl button

all done!

Completed pearl button

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