1 Using the Pen Tool (p), click once to add an anchor point to your Photoshop document (step 1 in the image at right.

2 Position the cursor over the anchor point. Hold down Shift and Alt (Shift and Option on a Mac), click on the point, and drag the mouse towards the right to create a single horizontal handlebar (step 2 at right).

3 Position the cursor as shown in step 3 at right. Click and drag the mouse towards the right to add another anchor point. The line connecting the two points should display a nice curve, thanks to the positions of our control handles.

4 Holding down Shift, click and drag the mouse to the right of the last point we made in order to create another anchor point with horizontal control handles. Press Shift to ensure that the two points are aligned horizontally (step 4 at right).

5 Move the cursor a bit lower and to the right so that it's aligned horizontally with our first anchor point (step 5). Click to add another anchor point and drag the handlebars out to the right.

6 Bring the cursor back over the last point we made. Hold down Alt (Option) and click to remove the right handlebar (step 6).

7 Bring the cursor back to our very first point and click on it to complete the shape (see step 7 at right and the graphic below it).

Don't worry if your alignment's not perfect—you can use the Direct Selection Tool (a) to select individual points, and the arrow keys to fine-tune them.

Step-by-step file folder tab

Completed file tab button

Completed file tab button

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