Create a new layer and fill it with an off-white color. I've used beige (#f9f4e2). Select Filter > Texture > Texturizer—this will open the Filter Gallery dialog box with the Texturizer filter selected. Select Canvas from the drop-down menu and experiment with the Scaling and Relief values until you're happy with the effect (see the example below). I've used a Scaling value of 149% and set Relief to 1.

Applying the texturizer filter

You should be quite familiar with this process by now: duplicate the layer, apply the Offset filter (as described in the solution for "Making a Seamless Tiling Background"), and add a layer mask to the duplicated layer. Hide the seam by painting on the duplicated layer mask with gray, as shown in this example.

Next ... there is no next! We've got our textured

Final textured paper background

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