Adjusting Tracking

Using the Text Tool (T), highlight the text you want to alter. Open the Character palette by clicking on the Toggle Character Palette button in the options bar.

In the Character palette, adjust the tracking amount by selecting one of the existing numbers from the drop-down menu, as shown here, or by typing in your own value. This example shows the results when two different tracking values are applied to the same paragraph.

Adjusting the space between letters

Adjusting Kerning

With the Text Tool (T) selected, position the cursor between the two letters for which you want to alter the spacing, then modify the kerning value in the Character palette. Easy, hey?

This example shows how the spacing between two letters is affected when the kerning value is changed from the Photoshop default to -170.

default kerning default kerning

smaller kerning


Character " ParMraoh ^^ iVl


Bm y |[3:;c

fT 100 pi

V j-J 46.43 pi V

J -70 )

* m I*


X 100%

*f 0 pt

T r tt

Tr Tl T, T T

- aa sh,rp v

Adjusting the kerning between two letters

Adjusting the kerning between two letters

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