In the Layers palette, select your text layer and set its fill to 0%. First, we're going to add a drop shadow to the text. Open the Layer Style dialog box by clicking on the Add a layer style button at the bottom-left of the Layers palette, and selecting Drop Shadow from the menu that appears. Apply the following settings to your drop shadow (you might need to adjust these depending on the size and type of font you use—in this example I've used Arial Bold and Arial Black, both at 85pt).

Blend Mode: Multiply; black (by default) Opacity: 50% ■ Angle: 166°

Distance: 2 pixels ■ Size: 4 pixels

Next, click on Inner Shadow in the Layer Styles dialog box and adjust the settings for the inner shadow as follows:

Blend Mode: Multiply; black ■ Opacity: 65%

Distance: 4 pixels ■ Size: 9 pixels

Almost there! Now click on Inner Glow, and use the following settings:

Color: white ■ Size: 9 pixels (increase this for thicker fonts)

Finally, click on Bevel and Emboss and adjust the settings as follows:

Style: Inner Bevel Technique: Smooth

Depth: 90% (increase this value for thicker fonts) Size: 9 pixels Soften: 2 pixels

Angle (uncheck Use Global Light): 180° ■ Altitude: 69°

Highlight Opacity: 95% (adjust for different backgrounds—lower values work better with darker backgrounds) Shadow Opacity: 0%

Phew! All done. Click OK to apply the layer styles. The example to the right shows the final effect.

It's well worth all that effort, in my opinion!

Glassy text

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