Select the text layer from the Layers palette. Bring up the Layer Style dialog box by clicking on the Add a layer style button at the bottom-left of the Layers palette, and selecting Gradient Overlay from the menu that appears. Click on the gradient patch to select a new gradient, or adjust the existing gradient as shown in the example at the top of the next page. You'll find more detailed instructions on how to edit the gradient in the solution for "Making a Gradient Button" in Chapter 3.

Applying the Pattern Overlay

*t[ otlieistyles psd r„ 100 : Igi-adient. RGB/0) L_]fn]f||


Blending Options: Default

| Cancel ]

□ Inner Shadow l~l Outer Glow

□ Inner Glow

Blend Mode Opacity Gradient Sti/le

I El-il'l □ Reverse Linear |v| 0 Align with Layer

0 Preview ■

l~l Bevel and Emboss □ Contour


□ Color Overlay

PI Gradient Overlay

□ Pattern Overlay

□ Stroke

Applying a Gradient Overlay

Applying a Gradient Overlay

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