Click on the Create new fill or adjustment layer button at the bottom of the Layers palette, and select Curves. from the menu that appears.

Solid Color...




Curves... K

Layers ' chanr


| Normal

Hue/Saturation... Selective Color...

Lock: □ j/ 4*

„ pn1 k

Channel Mixer,,,

Gradient Map,,,

Photo Filter...




Launching the Curves dialog

Launching the Curves dialog

The Curves dialog box will be displayed. To start with, you'll see a grid with a diagonal line running from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner, as shown here. To adjust the contrast, you'll need to alter the shape of the line. Do this by clicking on the line to add points (you can add up to seven points), then dragging the points to change the shape of the line. To increase the contrast, make the line into a roughly S-shaped curve, as shown at right. Remove points by dragging them out of the box. When you're done, click OK to close the dialog box and apply the adjustment.

Adjusting the curve

In the example below, the image on the right shows what our image looks like once the Curves adjustment layer has been applied. The mountain still has darker tones, but the sky and clouds look brighter and less washed out.

Using a Curves adjustment to create a lighter image
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