If you're not already familiar with the Match Color command, read the solution for "Matching Lighting and Color Between Images."

Arrange your Photoshop document so that the two images that you want to combine are on separate layers, as shown below. In this solution, I'm using the lighthouse photo from an earlier solution, and a photo of some clouds. I want to modify the cloud image so that its colors match those of the lighthouse image.

Lock: □ jf + a Fill: 100% > V ]_' clouds original 9 I I lighthouse

Background 3

lans. a e. j -J a i Photoshop document with images on two layers

First, let's match the colors. Bring up the Match Color dialog box by clicking on the cloud layer in the Layers palette, and then selecting Image > Adjustments > Match Color. In the dialog box that appears, select your currently open document from the source drop-down, and select the source layer (which is the lighthouse layer, in this case) from the Layer dropdown, as shown at right.

lans. a e. j -J a i Photoshop document with images on two layers

Match Color dialog box

With the Preview checkbox ticked, adjust the other settings until the color tones for both images match as closely as possible. Click OK to apply the changes.

After applying Match Color adjustment

Because the two images now have similar color tones, it's easy to combine them. In the image below, I've used a layer mask on the cloud layer to create a fade effect. (For more details on how to use layer masks to combine two images, see the solution for "Blending Two Images Together" in Chapter 2.)

Final sample image

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