In this solution, I've put a logo on a vector shape layer, and an image of a Christmas ornament on the layer below it. I'm going to combine them using a bit of Photoshop magic. As you can see from this example, I've also created a guides layer. I've drawn some guides on this layer with the pen tool, to help me align the logo to the ornament. I'm going to hide this layer when the effect is complete.

Text layer, guides, and the ornament

NOTE Convert your Text to a Shape

If you're using a text layer in this or other similar solutions, you'll first need to turn the text into a vector shape by right-clicking on the text layer in the Layers palette, and selecting Convert to Shape from the menu that appears. Make sure the text is as you want it, though, because once you do this, you won't be able to edit the text that you originally typed.

Select Edit > Transform > Warp. Your image will be overlaid with a three-column, three-row grid, as shown in the example at right. You can adjust the grid by clicking and dragging on its points. First, pull the corners of the grid in, then adjust the handlebars for each point along the edge of the grid so that the logo curves to match the curve of the ornament, as shown at right.

100% "■! | 424 pixels_x_544 pixels (72 ppi) ► _

Warping the right side of the logo

Once you've got the corners sorted, adjust the inner parts of the grid. As you can see in the figure at left, I've moved the center of the image down to bend and warp the text to "fit" the curvature of the ornament. Press Enter (Return) to commit the transformation when you're ready.

100% © | 424 pixels X 544 pixels (72 ppi) | ► |

Dragging the center of the logo

There are a few additional steps that we can take to further blend the text into the ornament. In the final image overleaf, I've added some lightening and darkening effects to the logo. We covered most of the techniques I used here in Chapter 6 (have a look at the solutions for "Darkening Part of an Image" and "Lightening Part of an Image" in that chapter).

1 Add a new layer, and fill it with 50% Gray using Edit > Fill.

2 Hold down the Alt key (Option on a Mac) and click and drag the vector mask from the shape layer to the gray layer. (If you aren't using a vector shape, create a selection that's the same size as the warped object, and use that to create a layer mask for the gray layer.)

Set the blend mode of the gray layer to Hard Light, as illustrated at right.

Use the Burn and Dodge tools (0) with a soft-edged brush to paint shadows and highlights on the gray layer.

Finally, lower the Opacity of the gray layer to 50%, and the Opacity of the logo layer to 85%, for a more

Setting the blend mode to Hard Light

natural effect. The results of our efforts are shown below

After warp transform After burn and dodge

The logo successfully placed on the ornament

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