Enhancing Detail in Product Photos

This technique will allow you to enhance the detail in different areas of your product shot. As I mentioned, use a high-resolution image of your product.

Create a new document, and set the dimensions of this document to the dimensions that you'll want your final image to have. Open your product image and make a selection of the entire image using Ctrl-A (Command-A on a Mac). Copy the selection using Ctrl-C (Command-C) and paste it onto the new document using Ctrl-V (Command-V).

Use Ctrl-T to transform the selection. A bounding box will appear around the image. Hold down Shift and drag the corners of the bounding box inwards until the image is approximately half the size of the document. Leave plenty of room to the right of the image, as I've done in the example at right. Commit the transformation by double-clicking inside the bounding box.

Transforming the image

Back in the document window of your high-resolution image, create a selection of an area that you'd like to use for the product detail, and copy it using Ctrl-C (Command-C). As you can see below, I've made a circular selection on the top right-hand side of the card.

Copying a selection

Return to the new document and paste in the selection using Ctrl-V (Command-V). Use the Move Tool to position the selection to the right, so that it overlaps the product image slightly, as shown at right.

Copying a selection

productphoto.psd @ 100% (Layer 2. RGB/0)



100% ^ 500 pixels x 300 pixels (72 ppi) ►

Pasting the selection over the image

Pasting the selection over the image

In the Layers palette, select the product image layer and click on the Add a layer style button at the bottom of the palette. Select Drop Shadow from the menu that appears to add a drop shadow to the layer. Repeat the process with the detail layer, but instead of applying the style when you're done, click on Stroke in the Layer Style dialog box to give it a stroke as well.

The resulting image is a neatly shadowed image of your product, with a "magnification" of its detail, as shown below.

A magnification of the product

Labeling Product Images

This technique provides a simple but professional method to assign labels to different features of a product.

Make sure that your product photo document allows enough room for you to add labels to it, as shown below. Resize the document's canvas if you need to. Use the Text Tool (T) to add labels that identify the product features that you want to highlight, as I've done below.

productphoto.psd @ 100% (Stamped decal . RGB/8| [_ llnlfej


Metallic paper

Stamped decal

Acid-free card stock Hand-stamped background


re,i | 500 pixels x 300 pixels (72 ppi) ►

Text labels applied to the product image


Layers Channels tpathsV .- ~t

| Normal v {Opacity: j ioo% ►

Lock: LJ yft a Fill: j ioo% >

W| card © H®


T || Stamped decal

T | Acid-free card stock

T | Metallic paper


T | Hand-stamped background v

JJl €'. -1 Si «

Text labels applied to the product image

Select the Line Tool (U). Click on the small triangle to the right-hand side of the Custom Shape Tool button in the options bar. This will display the Arrowheads dialog box. Check the End checkbox, and enter the following values:

■ Width: 750% Length: 1000% Concavity: 33% Weight: 1 px

Draw lines from the labels to the corresponding areas on the product image.

l\ -

inra □ -i Jr □ □ o c

JHI^tart ®End

Width: ' 750% |

Length 11:11:11:1%

Concavity: |

Modifying the Line Tool options

Modifying the Line Tool options

Acid-free card stock Hand-stamped background

Creating an arrow

The end result will be a neatly labeled product image, with arrows that tell you what's what, as shown below.

% pi o duct photo psd i 100% (Shape 4. RGB/0)


— Metallic paper

• rj,- .-V

^ Stamped decal

Acid-free card stock Hand-stamped background


500 pixels x 300 pixels (72 ppi) ►

The labeled product image


Layers ' ChannelsXEaths'V '

Normal vjOpacity: iggt. [j

Loit; □ J 4. a Fill: 10(3%


■ 11 1 shape 4


| 11 ^ |Shape 3

■ S 7 5haP=2


9 i1 ~ !5hape 1

m' card 9 *


Q, iJ tj, -1 J 3f

The labeled product image

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