Table of Contents

Preface ix

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Photoshop 1

The Photoshop Workspace 2

Working in Photoshop 5

Photoshop Layers 9

Photoshop Toolbox 12

Summary 26

Chapter 2 Basic Skills 27

Placing a Graphic in your File 28

Resizing a Document 32

Resizing a Layer or Selection 32

Rotating a Layer or Selection 33

Using Drawing Tools to Create Lines 34

Perfect Squares and Circles 35

Straightening the Edges of a Rounded Rectangle 35

Curved Design Elements 37

Reusing Vector Shapes 40

Sampling Colors from Image Files 41

Finding the Hexadecimal Code for a Color 42

Adjusting Layer Transparency 43

Fading an Image into the Background 43

Blending Two Images Together 46

Rounding the Corners of a Photo 47

Masking Multiple Layers with the Same Shape 47

Making a Dotted Coupon Box 51

Applying a Drop Shadow 53

Images with Transparent Backgrounds 53

Summary 55

Chapter 3 Creating Buttons 56

Making a Simple, Flat Button 57

Adding an Outline to a Button 57

Making a Smooth, Beveled Button 58

Creating a Chiseled Button Effect 59

Creating an Embedded Button Effect 60

Making a Gradient Button 61

Making a Round Push-button 64

Making a Metallic Button with a Matte Finish 65

Making a Shiny Metallic Button 68

Making an Aqua Button 70

Making a Transparent Aqua Button 77

Making a Plastic Button 80

Making a Glass Button 83

Making a Pearl Button 86

Making Angled Tab Buttons 87

Making a Rounded Tab Button 89

Making a File Folder Tab Button 90

Summary 91

Chapter 4 Creating Backgrounds 92

Making a Seamless Tiling Background 93

Making a Striped Background 99

Making a Pixel Background 100

Making a Gradient Background 102

Creating a Brushed Metal Background 103

Creating a Wood-grain Background 105

Making a Granite Background 108

Making a Textured Stone Background 109

Making a Textured Paper Background 112

Making a Rice-paper Background 113

Summary 117

Chapter 5 Working with Text 118

Adding a Single Line of Text 119

Word-wrapping Text 119

Increasing the Space Between Lines of Text 120

Increasing the Space Between Letters 121

Word-wrapping Text inside a Shape 122

Warping Text 123

Wrapping Text around a Curved Object 124

Making Small Text More Readable 125

Making Text follow a Path 126

Adding an Outline 128

Making Text Glow 128

Making Glassy Text 128

Creating Chiseled or Engraved Text 130

Giving Text a Stamp Effect 130

Giving Text a Motion Effect 134

Adding a Shadow to Text 135

Adding a Pattern to Text 136

Adding a Gradient to Text 136

Changing the Shape of Letters 137

Summary 139

Chapter 6 Adjusting Images 140

Making Whites Whiter 141

Adding Tone Adjustments and Contrast 144

Making Colors More Vivid 147

Removing Color Tints from Photos 149

Darkening Areas on an Image 152

Lightening Areas on an Image 155

Fixing the Red-eye Effect 157

Converting Photographs to Black-and-white Images 158

Making Sepia Images 161

Matching Lighting and Colors between Images 162

Combining Two Different Images 165

Getting Rid of Dust and Scratch Marks 166

Smoothing Grainy or Noisy Images 170

Sharpening Images 172

Adjusting Dark Shadows and Bright Highlights 174

Summary 175

Chapter 7 Manipulating Images 176

Adding Scanlines to an Image 177

Creating a Magnifying Glass Effect 179

Making the Foreground of a Photo Stand Out 193

Creating a Polaroid Photo Effect 196

Isolating an Object from an Image 198

Saving an Object on a Transparent Background for a Flash Movie 204

Creating a Reflection for an Image 204

Creating an Image Thumbnail 207

Putting a Picture onto a Product Box 208

Placing a Picture onto a Curved Surface 214

Making Product Photos for an Ecommerce Site 216

Removing Distracting Elements from an Image 220

Removing Blemishes from a Portrait 222

Merging Partial Scans into a Single Image 223

Coloring a Grayscale Image 226

Summary 227

Chapter 8 Designing a Web Site 228

Designing a Web Site using Photoshop 229

Experimenting with Different Layouts 234

Creating Web-Optimized Images from a Photoshop Site Mockup 236

Filling an Area with a Pattern 243

Adding a Shadow Effect to the Content Area 245

Placing a Person or an Object onto a Background 248

Making Graphics for CSS Rollover Buttons 250

Summary 251

Chapter 9 Advanced Photoshop Techniques 252

Creating Thumbnails for Multiple Images 253

Saving Settings for a Batch Command 256

Pausing an Action to make Customizations 257

Watermarking Multiple Photos 258

Saving Photoshop Actions 259

Saving Layer Style Sets 261

Creating a Web Photo Gallery 261

Saving Multiple Comps for Presentation 263

Creating an Animated GIF 266

Summary 272

Index 273

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