Another Way to Patch

You may have noticed that the Patch Tool Options bar offers you a choice of Source or Destination settings. The Source option works as just described. If you switch to Destination, the area you select with the Patch tool is dropped over the area to which you drag it, rather than vice versa. Use Destination if you have a good idea what area of the image you want to use as a patch. For example, if you want to drop Johnny Depp's face over your cousin's face in a family portrait, select Johnny with the Patch tool and drag him right where you want him. If your goal is simply to cover something up, and you're less concerned with what you cover it with, use Source mode.

Editing a Picture

There are times when you have to remove more than a scratch or a small imperfection from a photo. Sometimes you have to take out larger objects to save a potentially good picture. Figure 22.10 shows just such a photo. A friend sent me this in hopes that I could remove the distracting background. There's a copy at the book's website, so you can work along. It's called family.jpg.

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