Basic Path Techniques

You've probably already figured these out on your own, but just in case, here are a few basic techniques for navigating among and using paths:

► To select a path, simply click its name in the Paths palette, just as you would click a layer to activate it. Selected paths show up in your image, as you would expect.

► To deselect a path, click another path name or click in the empty area of the Paths palette. This makes the path disappear from the main window.

► To delete a path, select the path's entry in the Paths palette and drag it to the trash button at the bottom of the palette, just as you would to delete a layer.

► To create a new path, you can do one of four things:

Simply start drawing the path with one of the Pen tools in the main image window. This makes a work path or, if an existing path is selected, adds to the existing path.

Before using the Pen tool, choose New Path from the palette's menu. This also lets you name the path before you draw it.

Click the Create New Path button at the bottom of the palette. This places a new path on the Paths palette.

Create a selection and then use the Make Work Path command or button.

► To duplicate a path, select the desired path in the palette and drag it to the Create New Path button. This works in the same manner as duplicating a layer.

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