Convert a Photograph to a Chalk and Charcoal Drawing

The Chalk & Charcoal filter looks great with any reasonably high-contrast subject.

Try it on a portrait.

1. Open the image and then the Chalk & Charcoal filter dialog box (Filter>Sketch>Chalk & Charcoal).

2. Set the Charcoal and Chalk areas to 10 or less. When you work with a filter for the first time, always start in the middle of the settings range and increase or decrease as necessary.

3. Set the pressure to 1 or 2. Move on to step 4 if you like the view in the Preview window, or experiment with other numbers.

4. Click OK to apply the filter. Figure 9.14 shows this filter applied to the same portrait as in the previous example.

5. Study the result. Decide what areas need touching up.

6. Select the Eraser tool and erase to bring up more of the background color.

7. Select the Brush tool to apply more of the foreground color.

8. Use the Eyedropper to select the gray tone, if you need to apply more of it. (The gray is an arbitrary color used by this filter and can't be adjusted.)

9. When you're satisfied with the drawing, save it. ▲

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