Converting Between Modes

TVy It Yourself

color appears.

1. First, find a colorful picture and open it. You can download the photo in

Figure 4.7 from the Sams website. It's called YellowLily. To get to the website, point your web browser to In the Search box, type Photoshop in 24. Find this book in the list that appears, and click the link. On the book's main page, find and click the Related Materials link to get to the files. If your picture doesn't have the letters RGB in parentheses after the filename shown in the image window's title bar, choose Image>Mode>RGB Color. This is your starting point. If your monitor is correctly adjusted, you should see very good color.


Yellow lily.


Yellow lily.

2. Choose Image>Mode>Grayscale. A dialog box appears, asking whether you want to discard the image's color information. Click OK. Photoshop then proceeds to examine your image and assigns all the colors to 256 shades of gray that range from white to black.

You can monitor, using the status bar at the bottom of the picture, how the size of your file diminishes. (If you don't see the file size at the bottom of the document window, choose Show>Document Sizes from the pop-up menu just to the left of the bottom scrollbar.) This is because the amount of information or data in a color image is much greater than that required to display a grayscale image. In this case, the file size decreased by more than 1MB. ▼

▼ 3. Before moving on, you need to return the image to its original RGB state.

Choose File>Revert.

This time, you're going to change the RGB image to CMYK. This process becomes enormously important if you'll be taking your images to a commercial printer. RGB can display a number of colors that CMYK, by the nature of its four inks, cannot reproduce. The inks, for instance, can only approximate neon colors.

Before making the mode change, let's take a closer look at some of the colors in this RGB image to see whether they can be reproduced in CMYK (see Figure 4.8).

A. Click the Eyedropper tool in the toolbox.

B. Next, open the Color palette by choosing Window>Color.

C. Use the Eyedropper to select (click) a color in the image. Try clicking the orange stamens in the center of the lily.

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