Create a Selection with the Lasso Tool

To make a selection with the Lasso tool, follow these steps:

1. Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox or press L.

2. Click and carefully drag the Lasso tool around the piece of the image you want to select. You see a solid line as you drag.

3. When you're close to completely enclosing the selection, you can release the mouse button. The two ends of the selection marquee that you have drawn around the shape automatically join together, completing the marquee. If you release the mouse button before you have traced all the way around, the ends of the lasso line will still connect, even if it means drawing a line through the center of the object. If that happens, press and hold the Shift key and use the

Lasso tool again to finish drawing the shape. ▲

The Polygonal Lasso tool behaves in much the same way as the regular Lasso tool. The difference is that, as its name implies, the Polygonal Lasso tool makes irregular straight-edged selections. It's actually easier to use when you need to make detailed selections because it can be controlled more easily. Instead of simply dragging a marquee line, as you do with the regular Lasso, you click the Polygonal Lasso to place points, and Photoshop inserts a straight-line marquee between the points. You can place as many points as you need, as close together or as far apart as necessary. Figure 3.4 shows the tool in use.

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