Diffuse Glow

Not all the Distort filters actually distort. The Diffuse Glow filter adds a gentle haze of the background color over the lighter areas of a picture. This creates a glow that blends into the image. Hard to say why it is in the Distort family of filters, but it is cool, nevertheless.

The controls are Graininess, Glow Amount, and Clear Amount. Try to balance the Glow Amount and Clear Amount. For soft glows, I suggest that you keep the Graininess setting low. Higher numbers increase the graininess. This might be useful if you want a somewhat speckled look. In Figure 17.2, I used white as a background color, with Graininess of 9 and Glow Amount of 7 to place a glow on the chain. Using white as the glow color puts a soft foggy glow on the subject. Additional grain would make it look more like the beginning of a snowstorm. You can also see this figure in the Color Gallery.

Also, when you have a picture like this one, with limited color, you can often get a nice effect by increasing the saturation of the whole picture, either before or after you apply the glow. High saturation (90-100%) will really make the colors stand up and shout.

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