Easy Fixes

Let's start by looking at some of the things you can do to fix an old picture that might have faded, yellowed, or been damaged. First, we'll consider a couple of old family photos that need a little bit of adjusting and touching up. We'll run (literally) through the steps involved in fixing them and the tools you'll need to know how to use. (Remember, you can always flip to the front of the book to refresh your memory about these tools, too.)

Finally, we'll take an extremely damaged picture and work through it step by step, until it looks like new again.

Some pictures don't need very much work. The photo in Figure 21.1 has mainly dust and focus problems. This photo could also use a little more contrast, and it needs its vignetted corners cropped away. The original is sepia-tinted, but would probably look just as good or better in grayscale.

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