Fading Filters

The Fade command (Edit>Fade [last filter or adjustment]) literally fades the effect of the filter or adjustment by reducing its opacity, using a percentage setting ranging from 0% to 100%. You might think that this would have the same result as simply using lower settings in the filter's original dialog box—but you'd be wrong. Using Fade gives you a completely different result from lowering the settings in the original filter or adjustment dialog box.

Take a look at the example in Figure 14.11. I applied the Crystallize filter with a Cell Size of 15 to the pawprint on the left. Then I selected the other pawprint and applied the same filter with the Cell Size doubled, to 30. Finally, I chose Edit>Fade Crystallize and entered an Opacity of 50%. You can see that the effect of the filter isn't halved by the Fade command; instead, it's as though Photoshop duplicated the original pawprint, dropped it under the new, Crystallized pawprint, and set them both to 50% opacity.

FIGURE 14.11

Fading a filter has a very different effect from using lower filter settings in the first place.

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